myenv package update

The Windows Subsystem for Linux home page is set with this command:

export LHOME=”$(wslhome)”

If you don’t have permission to access $LHOME, the home page was previously set to the last directory name which you do have permission to access.

The updated wslhome command prints the correct home page even if you don’t have permission to access it. If access is desired, you must use Administrator privilege to give yourself access to the later directories in the path.

myenv package update

There are three significant changes in myenv (

  1. $USER is used for userid. The only place that may cause a problem is wslhome, because the Linux userid need not be the same as the Windows userid. You can fix this problem by putting a modified wslhome command in $HOME/bin.
  2. wslhome uses the latest location (obtained from How-To Geek). The path is established in several steps corresponding to the locations where the command may fail because of permissions. You will have to use the Windows security tab to give yourself permission to access your WSL home directory. If you are not using Ubuntu, you need to change “*Ubuntu*” to match your choice of Linux systems. Remember to treat the Linux files as read-only.
  3. A machome command and MHOME environment variable are added to accommodate macOS, which uses “/Users/userid” instead of “/home/userid”. The mkzip command is changed to use $HOME/tmp because macOS links /tmp to /private/tmp.